Friday, August 31, 2012

How pinteresting

I've always loved pandas.

I don't know what Pinterest is and frankly, I don't have time for any new pursuits, so I'm not interested in Pinterest.  But Pinterest is the source of this really cool photo.

And apparently Pinterest is allowing me to use this cute koala as well:

Thank you, Pinterest.

On a related topic, I enjoyed this viral video yesterday of a koala spying, swimming to, boarding, and finally being given a ride on a canoe.  I wish I'd been there to see it happen!



Jo Dee said...

The pcitures and the video are unbelievably adorable!

Happy Labor Day weekend, B:)

B.S. said...

Happy Labor Day weekend to you, too, Jo Dee!


Lynilu said...

How cute is that??? Oh, that was a lovely change of pace for me, Betty, Thanks for posting it!

B.S. said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lynilu!


Young Werther said...

Pinterest is great for lazy slobs like me.. easy to save and note videos/ photos.