Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to bloggiing

Well, let's see.  A lot has happened since I last posted.  I sold a house, bought a house, moved and just returned from a visit "home".  In this instance, "home" refers to the place in upstate NY where I was born and raised and where my father still lives.  In fact, I have a few photos.

 This is the street I grew up on, where my father still lives.  The hills in the background are the foothills of the Catskill Mountains.

This is my father, all but hidden behind one of the many stacks created by his wife.  He claims that she subscribes to entirely too many magazines and insists on keeping them all.  Forever.

And this is a Rose of Sharon bush.  There are many of them around the perimeter of my father's house, as there were when I was a child.  I am fond of Rose of Sharon and recently bought a couple of them for my new yard.  I hope they thrive the way they do around my childhood home.

The interior of my childhood home is dark, messy, and smells of cat litter boxes.

Fortunately, my new house is much more appealing.  And has no odor.



Anonymous said...

The difference is night and day. Shocking almost to go from that dark, claustrophobic space that feels so unloving into that open, light filled, high ceiling place that invites welcome.

Hope the Rose of Sharon does well around your new home. They look like hibiscus to me, and can be very pretty in bloom!

B.S. said...

Yes, Jo Dee, the difference really is dramatic. It makes me realize how lucky I am now.

Rose of Sharon is indeed a type of hibiscus - a type that can thrive in cooler climates. I also have a more tropical looking potted hibiscus tree with reddish-salmon colored flowers in my new yard. That one will have to be brought indoors for the winter.