Sunday, August 19, 2012

And on top of that, Be Kind

Thank you, Lynilu, for posting this on facebook.  Each time that I encounter this wisdom about kindness, I nod in acknowledgement and say to myself that I won't forget it this time.

But then I do forget.

I forget about kindness when I have been neglectful of my inner peace.  When issues are left unresolved, when responsibilities are neglected, when I fail to examine my words and deeds, that's when anger sneaks in and spews its poison.  Anger is not kind.

My intentions for kindness are useless unless I take care to establish the necessary peace of mind from which it emanates.

Peace of mind may arise from daily examination of any internal disturbances caused by one's behavior, interactions or thought processes.  Meditation, journaling, exercising, counseling and various spiritual pursuits help maintain that peaceful state.

Does this make sense to you?



Jo Dee said...

sdfxdgseYou are right, Betty.
I am angry a lot of the time because I DON'T do those things!
Nothing counts as much as actions do.

B.S. said...

Right, Jo Dee. And even though I just wrote this post, I'm not doing it. The required maintenance is a lot of work!


Big Dave T said...

Yes, it does. I believe it's very hard to be kind if you're stressed, which makes you feel edgy, which makes you feel less kind.

Big Bird is very kind. I know this because I've read that book to my grandson A MILLION TIMES! Big Bird is kind because he's always a friend to those in need (I almost have that book memorized).

So glad you sold your house, though I had a feeling you did because they sold my late grandmother's house which I felt would be a much tougher sell. Hope you're happy in your new digs.

Yes, I've suspended blogging for a number of reasons, though I miss my blogging buddies.