Wednesday, January 11, 2012

another decision

I have to buy a small elevated bistro table with 2 chairs for my kitchen.  The kitchen is not yet finished, but here's how it looks now:

I have narrowed my bistro search down to 2 options.  This is option A, available in a local store:

Well, I know it's fairly impossible to tell anything from these photos.  I can assure you that being able to see the kitchen and the bistro set in person doesn't help much.

Option B would be ordered off the internet, for 60% of the price of the other set:

3 PC Dixie Black Round Bar Table Set by Coaster Dining Room Furniture

Option A can be brought home the day I buy it.  Well, almost.  The store has only one stool, and it will take 2 weeks to get another one.  If I order option B (free shipping) it could take 2 - 4 weeks, I'm estimating.  My kitchen should be finished by the end of this week, so it would be nice to have a table and chair.  My old table and chairs are NOT going in that kitchen (especially seeing as how they'd no longer fit).

Option A would be easy to return if it doesn't work out.  I am willing to bet that option B would be a hassle to return AND it has to be assembled.  (How does one return an item which must be assembled?)

I really doubt that option B would have to be returned, though.  It's pretty straightforward, and I was ultra careful with my measurements.  Option A is a bit more...well.... off-the-beaten-path, shall we say.  It looks kind of space-age.

  And here is one more option, also available at a local store.  Please note that this option, also 40% cheaper than option A, at first glance may seem the obvious choice.  The problem is, it is nearly twice the size of option A, and I am squeezing this bistro set into a tight space:

What do you think?