Monday, July 25, 2011

Help Betty choose a slipcover

Betty's living room

The red slipcover in the above photo has to go.  I suspect that it lends too juvenile a look to my living room.  Is that why nobody has yet made an offer on the house?  I doubt it, but you never know what might influence a potential buyer.

Here are some possible options I've selected to replace the red slipcover:
Product ImageSure Fit Colton Stripe Sofa Slipcover - Brown (Sofa)

Photo of Monroe One Piece Clearance
I already know which one you all are going to choose.  Let's see if I'm right.

Classic Slipcovers Kilkenny Cover

Monday, July 11, 2011


My house is still for sale.  In fact, the price was lowered a month ago.  Prior to that, there had been an average of one showing scheduled each week since the house went on the market in late March.  Once the price was lowered, the showing requests stopped completely!!  Go figure!!

Actually, the is a reason - it's the time of year.  My realtor says that things slow down in July.  Not good, since there are 17,000 houses for sale right now in this city.  (Mine is the only house fronting a world class rose garden, but that seems to matter not at all.....)

Meanwhile, I keep pouring money into the house.  I laid out a good deal of money this past week to fix a clog in the underground drainpipe which drains water from a downspout to the street.  The poison ivy has become so prevalent that I have to pay people to help me try to maintain the landscaping.  I also had a threshold repaired and a doorknob replaced (after the old one was sawed off!).  I also repainted a basement closet. 

Now there's nothing in or about this house or property that I'm ashamed of - short of renovation, I have done everything I can.  But it remains a house built in 1962 which was never updated.  Because I (and previous owners) have always fixed anything that was broken, it is completely functional.  But it is not pristine, and it is not new. 

Someone named Cinderella commented on one of my posts about the house that I should consider updating the house and making it the house of my dreams.  Then maybe someone else would want it!  And certainly, in an ideal world (one with unlimited money) I might do that.  

The complaints that prospective buyers have relayed to my realtor are that the house is too small, the kitchen is too small and the property is too small.  Not much I can do about any of those facts!

So I buried a statue of St. Joseph in the yard next to the real estate sign.  With his help, surely it's just a matter of time.