Thursday, August 11, 2011

Design disaster

OK, it's not exactly a complete and total disaster, but this is the master bedroom of my house which has been on the market since the end of March with no offers.  The house was built in 1962, which happens to be my least favorite era for architecture and interior design.  I bought the house because of its prime location on a beautiful and popular park.  I thought it would be the ideal place to raise a child.  Perhaps it was in some ways at some times, but now The Child and I are over it and ready to take on a more urban lifestyle in, hopefully, a Victorian house (my favorite style).

There is a cute alcove which I used to call the "library".  Now that The Child uses this room, it has become more of an office, featuring his elaborate computer and two large monitors.
The bed is covered in 3 of these photos with a red flower print with a light blue background.  I think maybe it looks better than the white coverlet in the first 2 photos.  What do you think?  And what do you think of the multi-colored (yet discreet) curtains I made out of shower curtains? 
And here, to the right, you can see the alcove with the patterned bed covering.

Down below, you'll see the hideous photo which appears online with the listing for my house.  It's a photo my realtor took 5 years ago when my house was on the market.  (It didn't sell, and I couldn't tolerate the constant showings, so after 6 months we took it off the market.  It actually was in contract but the buyers backed out.)  The reason I'm including the photo below is so that you can see the basic features of the room.  How would YOU go about decorating this rather odd master suite?  (The wall color is pretty appealing, and the paint is in good condition.)