Tuesday, August 14, 2012

typical Sunday

Just behind my house is this entrance to a very inviting urban park which I strolled through this past Sunday.  . 

The lake is stocked with fish normally, but right now it is waiting to be re-stocked after a fountain was installed. 

In the gazebo a concert was taking place, with what looked like impromptu dancers adding to the performance.  One of the dancers had ridden into the park on a scooter (the old fashioned, foot-operated kind) with his wild costume blowing in the wind.  It was quite a sight.

Next I headed to a  popular eating and food shopping mecca a couple of blocks from the park. 

It's always full of people.

The pedestrian nature of this urban neighborhood invites chance encounters.  As I approached the park on my way home from the farmer's market, I ran into a friend from work and we spent the afternoon discussing work issues. 

And by the time I got home it was nearly dark.



Anonymous said...

Wonderful, beautiful, peaceful, inviting, welcoming. Oh my - you picked perfectly, Betty! What a great place to live. I can 'feel' it, and it is very, very, very right.


B.S. said...

Thank you, Jo Dee! It means a lot to read this comment of yours, since I know this location is very different from the type of location your new house is in.


Lynilu said...

You sold the house! Hurrah!! And are you liking your new home? As importantly, is The Child enjoying it?

Lynilu said...

I must say, that word verification is terrible!! I tried 11 times before I got it right on the last comment. Let's see how I do with this one.


B.S. said...

Lynilu, I'm so sorry about the word verification! Maybe I'll just get rid of it. And yes, The Child is quite pleased with our new home!