Thursday, September 13, 2012

This is the key

I have noticed this so many times during my life. Occasional events, acquisitions, occurrences, praises, acknowledgements, celebrations seem to make us happy.  Actually, the joy which we were each meant to experience in our lives has been lost and replaced by these fleeting pleasures, which seemingly alternate with equal amounts of gloom, as though we spend our lives on a slow teeter-totter, up and down, ad infinitum.

My reading this summer has brought me to the understanding that joy, or the happiness referred to above by Deepak Chopra,  is a state of being.  And as Deepak says, it requires no reason.  That's good news. 

Now, if I can just figure out how to access that state after decades of the habitual pain vs. pleasure flip flop.



Lynilu said...

I like what you're reading and what you're gleaning from it. Powerful stuff. :)

B.S. said...

Thanks, Lynilu. It's quite a challenge trying to re-program oneself, isn't it?


Jo Dee said...

Dear B,
I think it is constant small practices.

Pain becomes a habit too, a way of constantly thinking thoughts that makes you feel even ickier, or stay stuck in the doldrums.

It's sort of like telling the Universe that the Universe sucks.
And how can the Universe give you feel goods if you are focused on feel bads?
Can't find that pony if all you see is the horse shit (lol)

Contentment comes bit by bit over time with occasionally - and then more often - counting your blessings.

When you notice one, even the fact that you wake up in the morning and can get out of bed, or that you have hot coffee to drink, or kleenex in the bathroom when you needed it, or pass a pretty flower on a walk, or were able to buy the fresh vegetables you wanted at the market, or that your phone works when you want to make a call.

You might be surprised how many things you'll be noticing eventually, that now don't seem to exist.

It sounds dumb or corny, but the Universe responds to being appreciated.

It takes less than five seconds to say 'thank you' in your head to the Universe when you notice something good.

Much like you created your dream house with endless visions of how you wanted and where you wanted and kept moving in that direction.

Angels informed me that you've already got the template for success emotionally.
Now comes the practice, and along with it the patience.


Mary Ann said...

Thank you for posting this. Perfect thought for the start of a new year as I catch up on my blog reading.