Thursday, March 27, 2008

I've been tagged!

patti has requested that I list 10 random things about myself:

1. I was mugged once while walking downtown in a major city U.S. at night with a female friend. After one of the muggers snatched my purse, I chased the muggers down, wearing a dress and high heels. After running after them for several blocks by myself, eventually a cop on a motorcycle heard my shrieking from a distance- he zoomed to the vicinity of my pursuit, and shortly thereafter, the cop and I nabbed the muggers. This was probably my finest moment.

2. I won an essay contest in high school and appeared on TV for 30 minutes (filmed in DC) with a NY Senator as a result.

3. I have helped native American ranchers in Montana herd cattle on horseback in the Rocky Mountains.

4. I have never been married.

5. Marriage was never a part of my childhood dreams.

6. The job I've had since college was my childhood dream.

7. I will shop in Thrift Stores only on "50% Off Day."

8. I sucked my thumb until I was 12.

9. I got braces when I was 10. They were necessary due to fact number 8.

10. One of the most horrifying events of my childhood was the time one of my braces came off in the YMCA swimming pool while my school was there for swimming lessons (which I already despised before this occurrence). Although painfully shy, I had no choice but to tell the instructors what had happened. They blew their whistles, cleared all the kids out of the pool and started diving for my wayward brace. It took hours, seemingly, and they were eventually victorious. The horror I experienced at age 10 is as fresh today as on the day it happened.


Patti said...

Very interesting! That was my sneaky way of finding out a little more about you.
Boy you and I could tag team some muggers couldn't we? hehe....

Betty said...

Yep- I probably wouldn't even have thought of my mugging story if you hadn't mentioned yours! You and I could form a SWAT team.....


Kacey said...

You are facinating! I love the catching of muggers in high heels. When are we going to hear about "the child" and the court case?

Betty said...

Dear Kacey,

Yeah, I suppose that mugging is the story of my life. So far.

I imagine there will be more posted about The Child and The Court Case in early May. I go out of my way to forget about it normally, but there are 2 court dates set: May 1 and May 8. I don't understand what is going on for either date, and hopefully my lawyer will alert me if there's anything I need to be doing to prepare.


Laurie said...

Hi Betty! Thanks for the visit.
Glad you like my blog.

Mugged! Dang! At least there was
a cop there. I would have beat the
snot out of the person who took my
purse. Glad you weren't hurt though.
Take care and I look forward to
your next post!


Betty said...

Hi Laurie- Thanks for stopping by!

Everybody seems to react to the mugging incident. The cop actually wasn't there, however- it was even more striking than my description conveyed. After I had chased the thieves by myself for several blocks, the cop on the motocycle heard me from a distance and came roaring to where I was running. He thought I was being pursued at first, and took off behind me!!! I think I'lll change my post....


WaterLearner said...

Hallos Betty!!

Thanks for visiting my humble site. I am a fan of Surjit :-) You should see me around his place very often if you enjoy his writings as well.

You have a very delightful site. will sure come by again.

Have a Great Weekend!

Big Dave T said...

Since I'm just your average guy, your random facts seem much more interesting than any I could come up with. Wouldn't it have been cool if you could have hopped on a horse and lassoed (sp?) that mugger?

Funny how our childroom dreams remain with us for so long. You'd think once we got to be adults, we would think differently--have different aspirations. But so often, our childhood yearnings stay with us for life.

Betty said...

Hi Water Learner! Yes, I too am a fan of Surjit.

Thank you for the compliment! I have enjoyed browsing your sites too.


Betty said...

Dear Big Dave,

You know, those ranchers in Montana really do lasso, and I don't mean just in rodeos- they do it on the job! I was surprised to learn that. They use special ropes that make it easy- even I was able to do it.

So many cities have mounted police now- next time I'll commandeer a horse and follow your suggestion!


Lynilu said...

One day I want to meet you and just let you talk for hours about your life experiences!

Nancy said...

Hey girlfriend... I got #4 covered for you ... and me ... and a spare, accckkkkkk

Three times and out for me.

I have been reading back through your archives and I'm enjoying your blog!

Betty said...

Dear Lynilu,

I will look forward to meeting you someday!


Betty said...

Dear Nancy,

How nice of you to stop by! It's always weird for me to go back into the archives because my blog has evolved a lot, for better or for worse. And it will probably continue!

Thanks for covering me on #4. I think it's one experience I can do without, at least for the time being!


Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

Cool facts..and you go girl in those heels chasing after a mugger!! woo hoo!!! That had to make you feel good.

As for #10 -- why is it that those embarrassing moments stay with us for a lifetime and we can still feel that "mortal shame" as adults?!

It makes me feel good to know that you are living your dream career wise...

Betty said...

Dear Sherry,

Yeah, it was almost worth being mugged to have the satisfaction of catching the perps, and then being encouraged by the police to tell them exactly what I thought of them!!!

I usually don't like to respond to tags, but this one was kind of fun!


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