Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Blizzard of '08

OK, I stand corrected. Spring is NOT here, and winter prevails. This is the most snow I have witnessed since my childhood in upstate New York.

The blowing of the blizzard has added to the effect of the snow, creating impressive drifts.

My chances of traversing this driveway anytime soon (in my low-to-the-ground Honda Civic) are slim to none.

It would be easy to lose the dog in such massive snow. After a brief romp he was ready to retreat to his warm bed.

I thank my lucky stars that my house hasn't suffered a power outage like some houses in the area have. Amazingly, my cable and internet access are also unaffected by the extreme goings-on outdoors. And in an act of utter defiance, the amaryllis began blooming today.


Kacey said...

Oh Sweetie, I didn't mean to jinx you! Keep thinking July, August, hot and sweaty.... but keep the thermostat up, so you don't freeze your arse off. When we were young and spent weekends snow skiing, we had a bumper sticker that said, "Think Snow". Ugh! I can't believe we did that! Do you think people will reconsider "Global Warming" in the face of this winter? John Coleman (who started The Weather Channel) says Al Gore should be sued for the selling carbon footprint crap. I'm with him and you have the pictures to prove it.

Patti said...

I stopped by to see how you were doing in the hormendous (a fav made up word of the hubs) blizzard! Glad you haven't lost power or internet. We are having an epic windstorm here and it is knocking power lines down and, well i'll blog about my exploits on Monday. Stacy warm, dry and safe Betty!

Lynilu said...

That's some snow!! Wow! And so beautiful! But the best of all is the amaryllis! Just gorgeous!!

Stay in and warm, my friend!

Betty said...

Dear Kacey,

I knew when I read your comment that you were right- we weren't finished with winter! But this......apparently, this is the biggest winter storm ever to hit my area. I have to work today and still haven't managed to shovel out.


Betty said...

Dear Patti,

It sounds as if you have the wind from our blizzard! Things are finally calmed down here, but I don't see any cars running. My driveway is not passable!


Betty said...

Dear Lynilu,

I wish I could stay inside, but somehow I have to make my way to work today, and to a babysitter's house for my son! Wish me luck- my driveway is still deep.


Daisy said...

Wow! You got snow!!! All we got was rain, rain and more rain like a monsoon, then the horrendous wind. OH*MY*GOD!!! We had wind over 55 miles an hour. It was scary!

Betty said...

Dear Daisy,

Rain can be scary too. I'm always afraid to drive when it rains really hard. Let's hope all this nonsense passes soon!


Sideways Chica said...

Let's hear it for the Amaryllis. I'm in sunny California (sorry) and your indoor spring pic even cheered me up!

Ciao bella...thinking "warm" thoughts pf you, the child and the pup.

Betty said...

Dear Chica,

Wow, it seems that I've been focusing on the weather a lot lately, doesn't it?! At least nature finally provided me with a legitimate topic! And even though the blizzard's been rough, it's not as rough as what's really going on.


Anonymous said...