Sunday, March 16, 2008

in a bit of a funk

These guys aren't really in a funk- they just know how to pose that way. Actually, The Child and his overnight guest had a fun weekend. Knowing I'd be a drag, I told The Child he could invite a friend over. They entertained each other admirably.

The threat of shutdown of the organization I've worked for my entire adult life has finally taken over my mood, at least some of the time. The effects in my life would be far-reaching. Until this week, I had maintained an attitude of, well.....denial- but prominent articles in the local newspaper warn of possible impending shutdown. Having it spelled out in black and white tends to have somewhat of an impact.

Maybe, if it does happen, I will finally write about what it is that I do for a living. But until then, I intend to stick with my original blogging intent: to attempt to forge an identity which does not include my job title.

My sister's cancer surgery has been cancelled due to the unexpectedly rapid growth of the tumor on her tongue. Removal of the tumor at this point would apparently require the removal of too much tongue tissue. So they've installed a chemo port in her tongue and yesterday she was in Dana Farber in Boston receiving various types of infusions of toxic medicine for 16 hours. All I can say is, I hope she believes in conventional medicine a lot more than I do. Faith is everything.

And I believe in spring. Here it is, as evidenced in this photo taken yesterday. (I didn't intend to memorialize the garden hose, but I didn't notice it until now.)

This bold bellwether was the first to bloom. Actually a crocus, it serves to remind me of the rampant buttercups of my youth, as well as the soon-to-appear daffodils which will forever remind me of my dear friend W who died with the daffodils 4 years ago in April.

Happy Easter, everyone.


Lynilu said...

LOL at the kids!! I think it is mandatory that children around that age look bored and/or surly when the camera comes out, don't you? They are cute, but I'm guessing you shouldn't tell them.

Keeping your sister in my thoughts and sending gentle hugs for her.

Big Dave T said...

Interesting photo. Your "child" looks like some kid I saw in a movie, but I can't recall the name right now.

Hope your sister starts getting some better news soon. Sounds like she has access to good care. That helps.

I shoveled eight inches of snow this morning, so those pictures of the Easter flowers really hurt.

Betty said...

Heh,'re right, Lynilu. That look is becoming more and more mandatory. And they're only fourth graders! They tried very hard to get rid of me and the camera!

Thanks you for thinking of my sister.


Betty said...

Dear Big Dave,

I've been told that The Child looks like a young Bob Dylan. I think it's the wild hair and the premature brooding.

Eight inches!!! Aughhh!!! You deserve some relief already.


Daisy said...


Nice picture of the kids!

Sending thoughts and prayers for your sister.

Betty said...

Dear Daisy,

Happy Easter to you too!!

And thanks for your concern about my sister.


Lynilu said...

Oh! Nice new look to the blog!!!

Betty said...

Thanks Lynilu! And congrats on being the first to view my new look!


Patti said...

Oh Betty your sister is in my prayers. That just sounds horrible (I know, I know, no need for me to remind you). Dana Farber is good though.

Your son is so cute! Ii'm sure he'd hate being called cute but he is! I love his hair.

I love your new look on your blog as well. Spring always reminds me of Daffodils which my dearly beloved departed Grandfather always called "Daffy Down Dillys" to make us kids laugh.

I am so sorry about your job. Ours has been iffy for a while but it goes up & down but personally I think within the next two years (if not sooner) all of our functions will be moved to Jacksvlle, FL and we will be shut down. Trying to prepare but are you EVER prepared? Wishing you the best honey. It's gotta be scarey.

Betty said...

Dear Patti,

Thank you so much for praying for my sister. I'm always striving for annonymity, but I should let it be known that her name is Donna.

I'm sorry that you can relate to the work issue! Let's hope that somehow things work out for both of us.....

Yeah, daffodils- I remember in high school they were sold for fundraiser during April, and it was so cool to receive one of those daffodils from a guy!

Happy Spring!!!


simply me said...

Boys....enjoy - they grow up way to fast. I pray that your sisters faith and medicine will take care of her at this difficult time.
Hang in there with your Job. I know that I often worry about lack of work or being sick and not being able to work. These are difficult economic times. I understand.

Betty said...

Dear Simply Me,

It's amazing how powerful the words "I understand" can be.

And thank you for your prayers for my sister and for your reminder that kids do grow up too fast!


Anonymous said...