Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Chihuahua Earns His Keep

Today I decided to get rid of the Chihuahua. Until now I had been tolerant beyond reason, but this was the last straw.

I have read that Chihuahuas are sometimes impossible to housebreak, but it's supposed to be because they can so easily hide their "mistakes". Oh, this was no mistake. This was front and center, in your face. The dog is clearly a master of the art of passive aggression.

He had defecated smack in the center of my bright red sofa, having just grown large enough to launch himself up onto the furniture.

I informed the kid of the Chihuahua's impending departure, and probably because he's tired of being bitten on a daily basis, he said nothing.

A little later I heard gleeful giggles emanating from the room with the red couch. "Mama! Come quick! You've got to see this! The Chihuahua is sumo wrestling!"

The dog was humping a haplesss stuffed animal. Ears flattened, spine arched, the dog pumped his back end up and down like there's no tomorrow. He actually scooted himself and his recipient across the room in this endeavor. (One thing I will say in the Chihuahua's defense is that everything he does, he does with great conviction.)

The kid summed it up this way: "See, mama- it's WORTH having him, for this!"....


garnet david said...

Hon, that Chiwi would have been dropkicked like a football across the park if he'd done that here. And I don't even like football. How do you put up with it?

Little fucker, literally!! I say make him wear diapers. And post a photo, YES.

Morris said...

What a dumb joke!

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris

Betty said...

Mr. Morris,
You may not have cared for Garnet's comment, but being a novice blogger, I'm grateful for any and all comments, even yours. Validation (or lack thereof) is rarely so obvious.