Saturday, October 22, 2005

blogged down

I want someone to enlighten me. I am a novice blogger, having been at it for a couple of weeks. I have been frustrated by the fact that I don't have nearly enough time to spend on either writing my blog or reading and commenting on other people's blogs. As a result, my blog is sure to fade into unnoticed oblivion.

Does it matter? What, after all, is the purpose of a blog? I've heard some people say that it's an opportunity for self-discovery. I am fairly certain that when I indulge in posts of that nature, I bore my tiny audience, even though the ever-supportive Liz always manages to cheer me on.

Is blogging about the writer, or about the audience, or both? Should I just write whenever I have time, about whatever topic happens to strike me? Should I care whether anyone reads it? Should I care whether anyone comments? If I lose my readership completely, is it still a blog?

I suspect that my more humerous posts are more appreciated, but for those I really must wait for the material to happen. Just now, for example, my Chihuahua took a flying leap into my lap and missed. His miniscule Halloween bandana caught on the rim of the coffee table and he basically hung himself. His huge, black, bulging eyes, bigger than his entire body, pleaded with me for his life. In the throes of strangulation he was unable to emit his squeaky little bark.

Considering all I've been through with this dog, I actually had to stop and think about how I should respond. Well, I've always believed in the bottom-line benevolence of human nature, even my own, and sure enough, I did the right thing. The dog has bounced back to life and, suspicious as ever, is now protecting me from invisible intruders, except for the ones in my mind.


garnet david said...

I think you answered all those questions by the end of the post. That dog is meant for your blog.

I've been grappling with the same questions, Betty. I need to manage my time better, or I'll mortgage my entire life just to perhaps shine brightly for a few months in pixel land, where you're only as good as your last post. I probably spend 6-8 hours a day reading, commenting, going back to check comments, and writing or editing, or trying to stir up more exposure on Blobexplosion or the like. I need to remind myself the reason I blog is to write to express me. If I don't do that, it doesn't matter how popular I am.

(except for Liz, most readers are fickle, including myself. maybe we could clone her) Oh, Hi Liz #1!

Renegade Blogger said...

I've been around blogs for awhile, and I'd tell you to blog for yourself, and only yourself. I'll agree that its nice to get comments and regulars, but hell, for me its always and will always remain about me. My old blog (and something I'm working to establish again) held a delacit balance between teen angst and political commentary. You've gotta find your niche and stick with it. If you build it, they will come....eventually.
The Renegade Blogger

taikochan said...

Which is why I don't blog. I journal obsessively, I write long letters to good friends, and when the whim strikes me, write long, slightly connected comments on the blogs of people I know.
I dislike blogs because: They produce the illusion that you are speaking to the whole world, and thus if you aren't getting comments, the whole world is ignoring you. When in reality, you are writing to the very small group of people who float about blog world, most of whom will never even SEE your blog, much less read it carefully to pick up all the depth of your writing.
Blogging can be a way to meet people but... I anyway prefer friends I can get an unexpected gift or make a batch of cookies when I don't have anything brilliantly profound or marvelously amusing to say.

Ananke said...

Definitely blog for yourself. Post when you want about whatever you want. I work full time and go to school part time, so I'm not usually able to post more than two or three times a week. I actually started blogging as a way to vent about work and general crap that I was sure no one would care about. I've still managed to attract a small group of regulars and they usually leave some nice comments for me. Sounds like you've already got a few regulars already, so you're obviously not boring anyone. Hang in there and keep writing! :-D

The Hungry Writer said...

I agree with Garnet, you answered your questions about the Blog. What a funny story about the dog. As for me, I feel that I will post regularly during the week and try to comment hard-core on weekends.

jayne d'Arcy said...

Blogging is all about you and either you'll have an audience or you won't. Chances are, though, that if you write well, which I can see that you do, there will be folks that will read you. Ultimately, your blog should enrich you first, then others second.

karma said...

we all blkog for ourselves! what kind of help are you looking for?

Christa said...

I use my blog to interact with friends...but also to sell my art and photo's. We write silly poems together now and then and inbetween the times when I involve my visitors I also write for my own sake only.

Sometimes I only have time to put down a short note, which is more of a mind note to myself than anything, to remember something that happened.

You should blog because you're comfortable doing so, and in a way you feel will fit you and your life style. There's a lot of bloggers out there who have very little time to keep up with their logs, but that's the way it is for most of us.

Good luck :)

The Taorist said...


Why do we blog?

We each have differetn reasons/agendas for blogging.

Find your reason.

The why.

Then go on ahead with it.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Be yourself.
As you have just told us, your life is very exciting to share with others!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to blogging, too and I know how you feel. Keep blogging!

Squiggler said...

Hang in there and write about whatever strikes your fancy for the day or week or as often as you feel like it. I personally prefer to read upbeat blogs rather than the pyschologically hand wringing ones, but that's because I need more upbeat in my life and seek it whereever possible. Since mine will be the 11th comment to this post, it looks to me like you do have a pretty good size readership already.

Wontar said...

Funny... as I leave a comment here I notice that many of the commenters have commented on my own blog one time or another. Which, in a way, helps to illustrate a point. When you write you should write for yourself. If others come along and recognize a bit of themselves in what you have written, then fine and dandy. You may even get a comment or two. If you're writing in order to get comments, though, you'd better go do something else. Comments and those who post them are in the minority in the blogosphere. (In my opinion, anyway.)

So, write for yourself. You may learn something you didn't realize you knew. It's happened to me, and I'm sure it's happened to others.

kateysmith said...

You are an excellent writter. Writting our minds is what brings us to a mind state of understanding. Keep it up.

garnet david said...

Wow, Betty, it looks like you just became a comment teenager. One thing about bloggers, if you call, they will answer. I particularly like k.t. smith's comment, which sums up the sentiment of the others well.

Betty said...

Thank you all! My questions have been more than answered!