Thursday, March 31, 2011


The day before yesterday my realtor came over to complete the paperwork, and the "For Sale" signs are in place.  My house is on the market, with an open house scheduled for Sunday at 1-4pm.

The photo above may look odd.  Indeed, my house does not face the street- it faces the park, so what people from the street see is the side of the house, as pictured above.

In spite of all this progress, my mind is still not totally right.  I persist in worrying about being able to afford the more expensive house, about moving away from the Child's friend who lives in this neighborhood, about transportation to school, about the post office in the new neighborhood - you name it; I'm worrying about it.

Yet I know that if my mind isn't right, the likelihood exists that I will unwittingly prevent the pieces from falling into place, by sending mixed messages to the universe.  I say I want to move, yet I list all the concerns about doing so.

A mind is a difficult thing to control.



Lynilu said...

Big deep breaths!!

moni said...

Well, it's Sunday and I am wishing you all the best.