Monday, April 04, 2011

To the people who did not buy my house yesterday

You know who you are!  You led me on!  You started eyeing my property as soon as the For Sale sign went up last Wednesday.  You even walked up the driveway and peered in the kitchen windows while I was cleaning on Saturday!   One of  you parked your car outside of my house at dusk Friday night and gazed at the property for what seemed like hours.  A couple of you begged me to disclose the price while I was raking leaves.  Some of you showed up here multiple times over the past few days, leading me to believe that you had serious interest in living in my house on the park.

And why wouldn't you want to live here?  It's peaceful, tranquil, full of plantlife and wildlife, yet located within city limits.  The house is a solid brick structure with low maintenance and utility costs.  When you look out of the windows from inside this house, you see nature.  Not cars and other people's houses and SUVs and trash cans - you see trees and grass and bushes and flowers and yes, flowering trees which are about to bloom.  The backdrop of all of this is woods and a ravine.  That's what you see out of my windows.

But that's not good enough for you, is it?  Noooooooo.  You apparently "need" more space than can be had in a 1350 square foot house.  And you "need" an updated house, as if it is somehow unlivable in its current state. 

Suggestion:  If you want the house updated, then BUY it and UPDATE it!!!

Why did you lead me on?  I was SO sure that you all were going to be fighting over it at the open house!  I even had my realtor believing that you all were going to do that!

WHAT is wrong with you all??????



Lynilu said...

My realtor friend calls them "looky-loos," the people who take up your time, but aren't really serious about buying. Very irritating, for sure.

moni said...

They probably would like to buy your home but cannot. They shouldn't spend all that time looking if they know they can't buy it. Cheer up Betty, sometimes it just takes time to sell. Sure looks as if the location is perfect.

surjit said...

No reason to worry.Try to look your betterment in this.
God bless.

Big Dave T said...

None of them were nosy neighbors, were they? I know my realtor always disaparaged those folks.

But it is all stressful, isn't it. I remember wearing a heart monitor last time I put my house up for sale, my heart was just fluttering left and right.

But then, out of the blue, comes an offer. And it'll probably come from somebody that you didn't even know was interested.

Monogram Queen said...

Yep they are definitely looky-loos. Glad to see good things seem to be (about to) happening with you Betty. I need to read on a bit more.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. That's always disheartening. Espeically when you want to sell it so much, there is so much hope and then it's a real let down.

Hopefully to avoid that in the future, your real estate ad says something along the lines of intimate 1,350 sq. foot fixer uppper with fabulous park views. Renovate until you've created the up-to-date house of your dreams with a garden vista to match:)

Hope the serious buyers show up then!

Best wishes,