Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's revelation

When you talk about what you want and why you want it, there's usually less resistance within you than when you talk about what you want and how you're going to get it. When you pose questions you don't have answers for, like how, where, when, who, it sets up a contradictory vibration that slows everything down. 
That's my spiritual lesson for the day.  It makes sense.  Talking about what I want and why I want it is easy:  I want a fairly big Victorian house near downtown so I can walk or bike everywhere and get by without a car most of the time.  I am drawn to that part of town because it's vibrant and full of life.  There are people milling about, walking to the nearby groceries, stores and restaurants, at all hours.  I like the energy.  I'd also enjoy having my own backyard where I can create a garden with a pond.  And the luxury of a fenced-in yard is great for any dog owner.

After thinking about today's lesson, I see that it may not be productive to focus on the questions about how it's going to happen.  THAT is going to be difficult, since I'm the one who has to take the steps to make it possible.  I'm the one who has to get my house ready to sell, and then put it on the market.  Rendering a house ready for showing is no small matter! 

I think I've had a lifelong tendency to set up conflict within myself.  As I obsess over the how and when and where of everything I set out to do, I create stress and turmoil.  The original desire becomes lost (or at least secondary to) the stressful situation I end up in.

Since today's lesson is about metal focus, I guess I can see that there's a difference between just doing what you have to do (minus the mental anguish) and obsessing over decisions and details.  So my instructions to myself, based upon the above spiritual lesson are, "Just shut up, focus on the desire and why you desire it, and do what's in front of you!"  (And stop worrying about whether or not somebody will buy your house, or whether you'll qualify for the mortgage, or when the move would take place and how it won't fit your schedule!)



Annie said...

Exactly, dear Betty. That insight in your last paragraph frees you to stay on an effective path towards your new home, which I can already 'see' you living in.

Am proud of you for being willing to break through the illusions of old habits.

Glad to see you posting again - hope you and The Child are doing well.

B.S. said...

Annie! I've been thinking of you! It's so great to "see" you again!!

Many hugs,

moni said...

The house is lovely and you and your son would make the backyard a personal joy. Best wishes on getting the home of your dreams.

Lynilu said...


I find that putting the question out there (vs. keeping it all inside and churning)often leads to some clarity. At least it does for me. And whether you act on the responses of others or ignore them, it's a good exercise.

And yes, as Annie said, that last paragraph is powerful. :)

Big Dave T said...

That Victorian house looks so nice I'm tempted on it myself. Reminds me of my own childhood home--the wood floors anyway. The housing market is in such flux now, it's scary. But then again, people who know what they want and are willing to try may just get what they want.