Wednesday, May 19, 2010

planning a speech

I am planning a speech.  Not a typical speech by any means, but a speech designed to make a point very clearly.  I call it a speech because I'm not interested in any response, even though it will only be directed at 2 people.  (There will be several other people present who will not be addressed in this speech.)

Two weeks from today I will be forced into a small group to perform a work-related task.  My 2 targets are part of this group.  The reason I wish to address them is because their behavior over the past few months has been very harmful to the organization we work for, as well as hurtful to me individually.  These 2 were the first people I met when I moved here to take this job, and I've had to work closely with them during my entire adult life.  They used to be my friends.  I can't function in the small group which begins meeting 2 weeks from today while acting as if nothing happened.

These guys should have known better.  They've worked in this field for a long time, and their unrealistic insistence upon digging in their heels when changes needed to be made just created animosity and tension.  They were thwarting me personally; I was elected to a position of leadership, and they opposed my every move, sometimes openly, sometimes covertly.  They spent as much energy trying to undermine me as I did trying to save our workplace from shutting down.

I don't like to be negative but as I said, I can't pretend that what happened didn't happen.  I plan to say that I am angry at them for defying me while I bent over backwards to serve my colleagues.  I plan to inform them that their behavior was damaging to the whole and to the individual (me).  I'll say how difficult it is for me to work closely with them again now that this has happened.  I plan to say that their behavior has far-reaching consequences, one of which is the loss of my friendship, trust and respect.

I wish the speech didn't have to happen, but it does.



Lynilu said...

Not all life's tasks are pleasant, but I commend you for taking a stand. Good luck with the speech. It sounds as if it needs to be spoken. Hugs.

B.S. said...

Thanks, Lynilu. I usually try to find ways to avoid unpleasantness, but this has to happen.


Aurora said...

Sounds like what you are going to say is oustanding, clear and clean.
Good for you, Betty!

Aurora said...

I meant "outstanding"

B.S. said...

Well thank you, Aurora! I am a little insecure about this.....


Monogram Queen said...

I agree, just lay it down. What a shame some people are like that. Best of luck to you!!!

Big Dave T said...

You da woman. I always like it when in our staff meetings somebody speaks their mind and takes a strong stand. You just have to admire their conviction and sincerity.

Priyamvada_K said...

Dear Betty,
The most heartbreaking thing is people you try to do good for defying you and trying to undermine your authority.

They're stabbing you and themselves in the back. Yes, please do take that stand - you will get overall peace of mind.

Wishing you luck.