Sunday, July 30, 2006

open house

"My" house is open to the public today from 1-3pm. It's the house I almost bought last week, the Victorian near downtown in the prime whirlingbetty location.

I certainly hope nobody has the audacity to buy my house. It's mine- I'm just not officially buying it until:
A) the price comes down by about 15%, or
B) I experience an unexpected windfall, rendering its current price no object, or
C) I just happen to decide that I'm going for broke, literally.

It has occurred to me that if I buy the house, a void will be created in my life. I will no longer be allowed to obsess incessantly about houses and neighborhoods and moving. Well, I guess I could still do it, but nobody will listen.

This has happened before. I did live in the dream neighborhood, in a dream Victorian, 5 years ago. I only lived there 14 months. I was quiet and satisfied for a while, and then the urge to search gradually took over. I spent hours on the internet looking for properties with lush backyards, in wooded settings. I almost bought one, in a location that I now realize I would have despised. Then finally I did buy one, and it's my current house, the one situated on the public rose garden.

What is this about? Why am I never satisfied, constantly searching for the ideal place to live? What deeper issue am I trying to resolve using houses?

And will Whirling Betty show up at her own open house today?


Kelley Bell said...


When you Whirl, you spin right down to the core truth dont you?

While Reading this post, I could hear the words of My Grandmaster, Dr. Maung Gyi, teaching that the mind is our "house" and within it we have many rooms. The Attic stores our memories and secrets. The basement stores our fears. The kitchen is the heart, where we find nourishment. The living room is where we put on our best show, and the family room is where we relax.

He ties this all in to a much bigger teaching, but blogger would sieze up if I tryed to type it all.

I hope you get what you are seeking, and I am sure you will if you just set your intent with clarity.



Betty said...

Dear KelBell,
I would have appreciated your Grandmaster's teaching on this topic, I'm sure, since I seem to be insatiably fascinated by it.

Setting my intent with clarity is difficult, since I am showing signs of being both country mouse AND city mouse. I want a country estate on a wooded acre in the center of downtown. The universe doesn't know what to grant me.


Sideways Chica said...

Well Betty, at least you didn't list:

D) None of the above.

I believe that this is a good sign chica. ;)

Do tell, did you go to the open house?

Ciao...and hugs to you and the child.

Betty said...

Dear Teri,
I never even noticed my interesting ommission of choice "D"! I take that to mean that, at least subconciously, I have decided to go for it.

Yes, I went to my open house, in spades, as you undoubtedly guessed. The realtor had to stay an extra 45 minutes while I re-examined every square inch. Lots of people were there looking at my house. The visitors from the suburbs were aghast at its price, which would buy a McMansion on an acre of manicured perfection out there. Someday, when the energy crisis sets in, this modest 1800 square foot urban Victorian will be a goldmine. And I mean goldMINE!


Priyamvada_K said...

Interesting way to put it. I have lived in apartments for some years now. Each year I'd obsess about buying a home, and then back off. Earlier the reason used to be - new job and recession; then it was kid is too young and its too much to manage; then it was maybe I might marry this person I'm dating and then we can house-shop together....Its endless.

Now you've gotten me to think about what the above thought process actually represents.


Betty said...

Dear Priya,
I am discovering that "house" symbolizes "self", and while I do want the perfect house in the perfect location, it's actually my "self" which I want to change. I was on the verge of writing that it would be a lot cheaper and easier to just change the self, but of course that's not true. Maybe for now I can let go of the notion of moving physically, but we'll see.


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