Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bye 2011

New Year SMS

Well, I sure did try to make 2011 the year that I finally moved to the pedestrian neighborhood near downtown where I want to be.  2011 was the best time to make that happen, because when housing prices begin to rise again, the prices there will rise at a much faster rate than the rest of the area.  It is really difficult to live in a house which has to be available for showings, but I did it.  There was at least one showing per week for several months until July, when activity pretty much stopped.

No offers were made on my house, not even low offers.  I came to realize that the house would not sell in this market unless changes were made.  So my kitchen is being renovated and the rest of the house is being dealt with as much as I can afford..  I am doing what I can myself, and have become rather adept at plaster repair and interior painting.

Then, in early spring, the house will go back on the market.

Meanwhile, I have a different relationship with this house.  I never really liked this house before, and I was always very detached from it.  I never made it a home.

Over the past few weeks I have put a lot of effort into carefully choosing paint colors and small upgrades like outlet covers.  I really like the new colors I've applied, except for the bathroom which has 2 impossible per-existing tile colors.  I ended up having to faux finish the walls of the bathroom, and the resulting wall color is OK. 

When the house is placed on the market again, I will have a new attitude.  I will know that I have made this house as appealing as it can be within a reasonable budget.  The house looks a million times better that it used to.  Maybe its "energy" has changed.

Happy new year.



Cinderella said...

Very proud of you for all that you have done, Betty!

Just as you see, feel and know it lokks 1,000,000 times better thanks to all of your time and efforts - so will a buyer see, feel and know the difference:)

Happy New Year to you and The Child, dear blog friend.

May spring bring with it glad tidings:)


B.S. said...

Cinderella, you played a bigger part in this than you'll ever know. You are very, very wise.

I wish you a very happy and exciting new year!!

((Many hugs))

Lynilu said...

I believe in the power of our energy and how it can change what's around us. It sounds as if you've softened toward the house; I believe that will reflect in the house as potential buyers look at it. Keep smiling. :)