Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The goal of the week

I'm thrilled to have a relatively light work week.  I'm working on organizing the house.  Why does it seem that, despite the countless hours I've devoted to organizing, I'm never finished?  I suspect that my method is flawed.  Part of the problem is that I'm organizing for two- myself and the Child.  And I am unable to identify many of his possessions.  How can I organize what I can't identify?  (I'm talking about vaious assorted power chords, computer-related items, parts to game systems- enough electronic paraphenalia that I could open a Radio Shack.)  I've told him he has to participate, but it's like pulling teeth.....

I dislike going through old things.  I define "old" as anything unused during the past year or longer.  Unfortunately, I'm finding some things that I've never even looked at since we moved here 8 years ago.  Old things depress me; therefore, I have a hard time dealing with them.  I remember one time when a friend of mine came over and just walked into my closet and started telling me what to get rid of.  She ever loaded the rejects into her SUV and took them to the Salvation Army.  The funny thing is, I think she herself  is a hoarder.  She couldn't help herself, but she was phenomenal at helping me.

Oprah has had hoarders on her show recently.  I used to think I was a hoarder, but now I realize I'm just a bad housekeeper.  I really don't want to keep things, and I'm not an avid shopper like most hoarders are.  And my house doesn't look as bad as the disaster zones hoarders live in.

My problem is twofold.  First, I have no help- any cleaning or straightening up is done by me alone.  Secondly, I seem to have an ususual ability to block out the mess, to narrow my focus to whatever I'm doing, totally oblivious to my surroundings.  I guess bad housekeepers have to have that ability- otherwise, they'd get their act together.

My mother used to have her own mother and my father helping her keep the house in order.  Gram was obsessive- she'd get down on her hands and knees and straighten out each tassel on the rug with a clothespin.  Oh, I'd LOVE to have her around!  My dishes would always be clean, the sofa cover would always be in place, the food would be put away, the laundry would be done, she'd prepare meals, take out the trash, vacuum, sweep, dust and provide psychological counseling and babysitting.

It doesn't seem fair.  My mother had 2 other adults helping her on a daily basis, and she did not work outside the home during most of her adult life.  I work fulltime and have no help whatsoever- no relatives within 600 miles (not that they'd necessarily help!).  Is this a sign of the times or am I just unlucky in this regard?

I really want to reach the point where I can honestly say that my house is organized.  I wonder if that's doable.  If it is, then the next hurdle will be maintenance.......well, that's another story.


Monogram Queen said...

Set small goals, I am a messy bessy, my husband is a messy bessy and my daughter is so we've got it three-fold. I am lucky, Stacy will pitch in and help sometimes.
I really wish we lived closer Betty, we could surely bolster each other up and give each other a helping hand and shoulder to cry on too. :(

B.S. said...

Dear Patti,

It would be great if we lived closer! It could happen, too, someday. You live in a very appealing part of the country and I don't intend to stay where I am forever!

I'm going to enjoy that thought for a while....


Lynilu said...

I was recently bemoaning my disorganization, too. I start off, but then get to a place where I run out of steam or focus or something, and it never gets completely finished. Sad. My place is small, I live alone, and there is no excuse!

B.S. said...

Dear Lynilu,

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with this! If I ever figure out a solution, I'll be sure to pass it along...


Anonymous said...

You sound like me...I had a
garage sale once and I just put
EVERYTHING that we didn't need
anymore out there...Most of the
big stuff went and what didn't
I had the hubby pack into the truck
and take to the Salvation Army...

Now I have more stuff that I don't
need and am getting rid of it
by putting it out at the curb...

Wish we all lived closer...