Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Solstice 2008

This is the scene on my front patio on Summer Solstice 2008. This is where I spend some time each morning, if at all possible, so solstice started like any other day in whirlingbetty world.

Summer solstice has held a special significance to me ever since my high school Honors Physics class, where was first introduced to solstice and equinox. In fact, my NY State Regents exam in physics was held on summer solstice of my senior year in high school, a fact that was not lost on me. I used that happy coincidence as a display of good luck, and I aced the exam. I have been in awe of summer solstice ever since.

This is one of my many Summer Solstice 2008 visitors. Most people never get to see one at such close range- he's a chipmunk. He's very intrigued by my bag of peanuts, and apparently, by my camera.

You have to look closely to see this hummingbird at my feeder. She's a ruby-throated variety, which her male partner (not pictured) makes obvious.

The Child has not yet reached a stage of life in which he's satisfied by sitting around observing nature. Alas, it's the toy store that holds allure for the likes of him. He wanted to check out their selection of "marshmallow shooters." (I'm not sure if the marshmallows are the intended targets or amunition.)

Not being much of a shopper, I always postpone the acquisition of groceries until the cupboards are bare. This opportunity next to the toy store presented itself on Summer Solstice 2008.

The result of the grocery shopping event resulted in this al fresco lunch back at home. I think that a Summer Solstice 2008 celebration deserves sushi.

Later it rained, lest Summer Solstice 2008 become too hot and unpleasant. The temperature dropped to a very pleasantly cool range. The park outside of my house, pictured above, emptied itself of visitors once the rain started.

The day was capped off with a feast of corn on the cob, which has been my favorite food since early childhood. The Child and I ate it while a fairly significant thunderstorm carried on outside.
Even though we were unable to appreciate the length of the day, due to the evening storm which darkened the skies, it was still a fitting end to Summer Solstice 2008.


Loving Annie said...

You live in such an idyllic place, Betty. So incredibly pretty...

When you boil your corn, do you drop a teaspoon of sugar in the water to make it sweeter ?

Betty said...

Dear Annie,

Thank you. It is a pretty place to live.

I have never tried dropping sugar in the water for boiling corn- it's not a bad idea. I can just taste it now. Time for another trip to the grocery...


Nancy said...

I agree ... your yard and view of the park is beautiful.

I can smell the corn now ... and I love sushi =)

Betty said...

Dear Nancy,

Yep, it's a good time for me to be aware of all the positives around me, from chipmunks to corn to hours of sunlight.

And all this talk about the corn is setting off a craving!


Priyamvada_K said...

Dear Betty,
This feels so nice - I feel like I have spent the summer solstice in your garden. That is such a peaceful post!


Betty said...

Dear Priya,

Thank you. I am pleased to know that this seems like a peaceful post.

Happy belated solstice!


Monogram Queen said...

Oh boy corn on the cob is one of my fave's too! Sounds like a wonderful Summer Solstice!
Capped off by a t-storm! Sa-weet!!

Uh the marshmallows are ammo. I hate to break it to ya! LOL

Laurie said...

I wish I could sit on my front
porch and drink coffee or in the
back yard. It's to danged hot out
here to do that.

Marshmallow shooters! They are so
much fun! Shoot away!

I think I'll try the sugar in the
water. I've always put a little


Betty said...

Dear Patti, sounds like you have experience with marshmallow shooters! I wonder if marshmallows could be used as ammo for Nerf guns?

I usually enjoy a good t-storm, but t-storms are the worst natural hazzard of this area, too- they can do some serious damage, and often at least cause power outages. 4,000 houses lost power here on solstice! (Not mine!)


Betty said...

Dear Laurie,

How about shooting some marshmallows into that corn water?
That just might work!


Lynilu said...

Mmmmmm, nice pictures. There is a peace in your morning spot, isn't there? Looks lovely!

I don't have the least idea what a marshmallow shooter is, but It sounds like fun!

Betty said...

Dear Lynilu,

Yes, I'm lucky to have a morning spot like this one. It's serving a definite purpose these days. The wildlife is comforting somehow.

We're having a problem with the marshmallow shooter. Apparently such soft ammunition causes easy clogging of the weapon!

We're moving on to a potato shooter.


Mary Ann said...

Oooh, love the ivy crawling up the tree trunk and the pathway in the grass in the park across from your house. Such a beautiful setting to live in. I hope you are enjoying this time in spite of the job difficulties. Thinking of you.

Betty said...

Dear Mary Ann,

Yes, I'm trying to enjoy this time. It's a good chance for me to learn that I'm fine regardless of outside influences.


Big Dave T said...

Seems like I recall learning about summer solstice in an earth science class in college. Most boring professor I ever had though. Nice guy, just boring.

Not sure I like the Red Sox shirt either. Red WINGS would be better. They're closer anyway, aren't they?

One of those chipmunk's cousins trashed my birdfeeder this week. Bad squirrel. I guess they figure if they can't feed from my squirrel-proof bird feeder, NOBODY eats there.

Betty said...

Dear Big Dave,

I was wondering if anyone would notice the Red Sox shirt. You take the prize!

Some varmint has been tearing up my finch feeders. I was assuming it was a raccoon, but maybe these chipmunks are more cunning than I thought.....


SweetAnnee said...

What a fun day.. I love the garden. and your hummer is sweet..Did the child get a marshmallow gun???
Today is lovely and I love a morning in the garden..
My hummer has visited us already.

Betty said...

Dear Sweetannee,

You are the only other person I know who actually gets hummers! Can you imagine life without them?

And yes indeed, The Child did get a marshmallow gun. It's hard to keep it operational because it's always gummed up!


simply me said...

That is so lovely Betty. Sounds like a perfect day to me.
I never heard about dropping sugar in the water, hum! I did make corn yesterday and it was so delicious. Happy summer to you and your darling boy.

Betty said...

Dear Simply Me,

I know from first hand experience that you live in a part of the country where sugar is not needed in the corn's water!

I just cooked corn again yesterday and most of it was tough and tasteless, the way it often is here. I'll keep trying, though, as part of my quest to find things to enjoy even when life is tough.


Anonymous said...