Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

May each Mother on Earth feel appreciated tomorrow.

When I became a Mother, my focus shifted from Self to Child. On the surface, that may seem admirable or at least "right." In truth, many of us Mothers give up too much of Self. Indeed, that is our own fault and our own problem.

I noticed that a lot of businesses are offering pampering packages as Mother's Day gifts. Tomorrow Mothers will be receiving coupons for massages, manicures, pedicures, a day at the spa. Those Mothers will be directed, at least temporarily, to focus on themselves.

Bruches will be served, flowers will be sold.

Mothers will be appreciated.

If you know a person who is a Single Mother, do not assume that someone is seeing to it that she is celebrated tomorrow. Single Mothers don't receive those spa packages and restaurant meals.

Single Mothers don't have time to go to a spa anyway.


Tomorrow I shall do something to honor the memory of my Mother. I plan to try to imagine how she'd want me to do that.

Looking back, I can't be sure, but I hope I found meaningful ways to thank her on each Mother's Day when she was alive.

Back then, spa packages were unheard of, and I'm not sure she would have liked that anyway. But I hope she knew I appreciated her time, energy, attention, care, love, unconditional support.

I hope she knows that I appreciate it even more now.


Nancy said...

She does =)

Happy Mother's Day to you.

Betty said...

Thank you, Nancy.

And Happy Mother's Day to you.


surjit said...

Happy Mother's day.
(But why only a day in the whole year.. what about remaiing 364 days????)
God bless.

Betty said...

Dear Surjit,

Yes, the remaning 364 days should also be devoted to appreciation!


Laurie said...

Happy Mothers Day Betty!!!!!
Hope you have a wonderful one.


PS. The boy is pretty good about
doing stuff like that when asked.

Betty said...

Well, Laurie, I'd say you're blessed. Either that or you raised him right. Or both.

Happy Mother's Day.


Loving Annie said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Betty :)

Betty said...

Thanks, Annie.


Lynilu said...

What better can we do than remember and honor our mothers? I know she's proud of you. I just know it.

Hugs, dear girl.

Betty said...

Thank you, Lynilu. Happy Mother's Day.


Monogram Queen said...

I am VERY sure she does. I hope it was a Happy Mothers Day. I can't imagine being a single mother. You Rock!

Betty said...

Dear Patti,

It was not a happy mother's day. Glad it's over.


Anonymous said...