Monday, April 28, 2008

It's that time again

It's that time of year again- the lilacs are starting to bloom. It reminds me of college graduation, which in my case occurred during lilac week. In that part of the country lilacs bloom later than they do here, so the calendar dates don't exactly line up, but that's OK. College graduation was a very upbeat time in my life. The lilacs bring it back vividly- all of it- the anticipation of a life yet to unfold, the huge relief of being done with school, the excitment of my upcoming summer working in Italy, the yet unanswered question in my mind about whether to accept the offer of grad school in NYC, the parties that we had put off until lilac time, when our studies wouldn't be ruined.

I have no such association with trees like this one- in fact, I don't even know what this is. It currently blooms in the park in front of my house. This spring it is particularly brilliant. It too has a scent, but nothing compares to the lilac.....

Things are looking pretty good indoors as well. This tulip was a spontaneous gift from Garnet as I was leaving his garden the other day.

Here's my patio with the fountain up and running again. I wish I had more time to just sit there and inhale the lilac-laced breeze. This week I will probably make my first offer on the Victorian house in the urban neighborhood. Those who know me are impressed that I have been so level-headed about this possible house purchase. I am not level-headed- I am apprehensive.


Laurie said...

Such purty flowers. I don't have
a green thumb when it comes to
any plant.
I like the fountain in the patio
area. I want to do something like
that in my back yard.


Nancy said...

My neighbors lilac trees line our property line ... I love it!

Good luck on the offer ... a Victorian house would be fun to decorate.

Patti said...

Love the pics - ah sweet spring!
Good luck on the house and I love love love your fountain! Do I see a frog in there?!!!

Loving Annie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous - you are so lucky to live where you do, Betty.

Let us know how the house offer goes -

Betty said...

Dear Laurie,

The fountain was cheap and it's easy to run, although I did have to replace the pump once. It's worth it. I can't have a garden without a water feature!


Betty said...

Dear Nancy,

Yes, I have been imagining decorating the Victorian. I made my 1st offer today. We'll see what happens.


Betty said...

Dear Patti,

Yes, indeed, you see a frog. there are actually three. This spring is especially sweet.


Betty said...

Dear Annie,

I know you love where I live now, and so do I in many ways. I just presented my first offer this afternoon but it very low. I feel strangely detached, and a little sick to my stomach. My court date on Thursday doesn't help.


Lynilu said...

Don't you just love the color and scent of flowers in the spring? I love the smell of lilacs, too. I don't have them here (I did in KC) and I really miss them.

Your garden/patio is pretty, restful.

Good luck on the offer. If it is meant to be .....

What is your court date about? I looked back several posts, and I don't see anything, but I may have overlooked it. Whatever it is, good luck on that, too. Hugs!

simply me said...

Hi Betty - I use to have one of those Pink trees in my yard in one of the houses I lived in and I believe it is a Japanese Cherry or something like that. IT is very lovely with clusters on flowers on one bud.
My favorite tree though is a lilac and I am looking forward to planting some in our property in PA. I understand that it is popular to put them near a bedroom window...ahhh

Good luck with your offer on the house. IT is a big move but it is something you've been longing for - go for it....

Big Dave T said...

I love all the pretty trees and shrubs in my neighborhood but even though they're pretty to look at, my eyes suffer dearly for it. Today I purchased some eye drops for allergies. They're not cheap but maybe I can enjoy spring a little more now.

Betty said...

Dear Lynilu,

Thanks for asking about the court dates. I tend to not write about that sort of thing- I'm not entirely sure why.

The 1st was May 1. My lawyer fought to have the case dropped (the father is suing me for sole custody and child support, even though he never paid me a dime of child support). The magistrate was a royal you-know-what, and she wouldn't drop it, EVEN THOUGH the father failed to show up in court!!!!!!!!!!

They call that JUSTICE????

My next date is May 8. Should be interesting.

Thanks for caring.


Betty said...

Dear Simply Me,

Yes, it sounds delicious to have a lilac at your bedroom window. I had that when I was a child in upstate NY. No wonder I'm homesick!!!!!!!


Betty said...

Dear Big Dave,

I'm so sorry to hear that the sights of spring wreak havoc on your eyes. That must be a real drag!


Anonymous said...