Friday, April 18, 2008

Earth issues

Look closely at this idyllic scene as viewed today in the park outside of my house. Very closely. Do you see a strange object, barely, including a yellow spot, near the center of the photo, slightly off to the left?

Here's a closer look, compliments of both digital and optical zoom. It's a park worker spewing toxins (chemical fertilizers) into the Earth. When I first moved to this house, I raised hell over this. They could've used organic, safe pesticides and fertilizers. Eventually, I came to realize that I was only hurting myself with my ranting and raving. Nothing changed except my blood pressure.

Now, this is going to look suspiciously like an attempt to justify my desire to move to an urban neighborhood, but here's the fact: this downtown park (behind the house I'm going to make an offer on) has been known to harbor dandelions. Yep, you read correctly- dandelions! You know what that means, don't you? No chemicals!! Yipee!

And in my opinion, this urban park looks very fine.


Big Dave T said...

They always champion diversity in our Ann Arbor community so I like to say that my lawn is the diversity champion of the neighborhood. Dandelions, moss, clover, weeds--all are welcome. In fact, sometimes I think my yard is THE refuge for dandelions in town. Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

Hea, I wanted to mention that my dad stopped by your blog (he lurks at mine often and sometimes will venture out to other blogs as well) and agreed that you should go for it with that house in the city. I've always thought he has pretty sound judgment--probably better than mine--so I thought I would pass that along.

Betty said...

Dear Big Dave,

The passing along of your father's advice brought tears to my eyes. I have really missed having the benefit of parental wisdom right now. Thanks for offering your father's.

I'm very glad to hear of the diverse nature of your lawn. Think of all the detoxing you can do with fresh-brewed dandelion tea!


Patti said...

Just another positive sign Betty! I had no idea what the yellow speck was at the beginning!

P.S. I love dandelions :)

Betty said...

Dear Patti,

It's so rare to hear of someone loving dandelions! I'm always talking about dandelion tea, but I just remembered a Ray Bradbury story which featured dandelion wine.

Here's to dandelions!


Loving Annie said...

The park looks beautiful, Betty. How are your negotiations going with the new house ? And I will definitely pass your message on to Lisa - are you close enough geographically that maybe you could come to tea too ???

Betty said...

Dear Annie,

The negotiations haven't started yet. I'm trying to take my time, but not take TOO much time.....

They just lowered the price a few weeks ago. I want them to worry that there won't be any bites before I present my lowball offer.

I'm also stalling because I have court dates May 1 and May 8. I don't really want to be involved in any house-related stuff then.

Thanks for asking if I might join you and Lisa for tea! I am not close enough geographically, unfortunately, and I have too much going on now to leave town. Someday, though....


Kacey said...

First thing I thought of was dandelion wine. You can start making your own in the new place with organic dandelions.

Betty said...

Dear Kacey,

Hah! Funny you should mention it....just a couple hours ago I remembered Ray Bradbury and his Dandelion Wine!

I feel a party comin' on....


WaterLearner said...

Thanks for sharing such nice pictures on this draggy Monday :-)

Hope your week is a colourful one.

Betty said...

Dear Waterlearner,

I hope your Monday takes a turn for the better. And you, too, have a colorful and joyful week.


Laurie said...

OH NO!!! That is the worst stuff
for a lawn. They should go organic
in public places. People let thier
kids crawl on the ground and think
of the that could happen to them!
That's horrid.


Betty said...

Dear Laurie,

Last summer I saw them spraying pesticides half an hour before a story hour for toddlers was being held on the lawn! Unbelievable!


Anonymous said...