Thursday, October 18, 2007

Capitol of Longevity

The new Capitol of Longevity is not some remote tropical island devoid of stress and toxins. It's New York City. Since 1990, New Yorkers' live expectancy has risen 6.2 years, compared to 2.5 years for the rest of the country.

Speculation abounds. Could it be the stimulation of the city which somehow stirs its population to want to live? Are the cultural offerings so enticing that New Yorkers are inspired to stay alive to indulge? Or is it the city-wide ban on trans fats?

I'm sure it'll be a few years before the studies are published, but the obvious conclusion of many people, including myself, is that NYC's longevity factor is directly related to the way its people transport themselves. Few New Yorkers own cars. Why would they? Mass transit is readily available, and the city is wonderfully walkable. And anyone who's been there knows how fast New Yorkers walk and talk. It's that "New York minute" phenomenon. It serves them well.


Loving Annie said...

Good Thursday mroning to you, Betty ! How are you doing ?

Th combination of the Metropolitan Museum of art, exercise and a ban on trans-fats clearly does a body good :)

You were so sweet to leave me that long comment on my 'Polygraph' post last night !

(I was having major problems with blogger, and it called several of them errors and just made them disappear when I tried to publish them - grrrr !)

But the man I wrote about in 'Polygraph' is the man from my past (who like a bad cold, simply reappears just when you think you've gotten your strength back); and is NOT Mark !

Mark has disappeared. He just wasn't ready for a relationship, and I knew it inside.
(9 months after filing for divorce just isn't enough time, even if he acted like he THOUGHT he was over it and fine.)
I can't take that personally, and maybe in another year or two he'll come back and we'll have a chance.
If he's smart :)

In the meantime, life is good.

What is going on with you and Boy ?

Cyber-hugs, and you are certainly most welcome to post a comment again if you want to - it all seems to be back to normal now !

Loving Annie

Betty said...

Dear Annie,

Well, it certainly sounds as if you're doing well in spite of Mark's odd behavior and your inevitable disappointment. Let's hope he heals nicely, and then, if you're still available, well, he might get lucky.

The Boy and I are doing well- I'm just busier than I'd like to be. And The Boy thinks I should home school him!!!!


Kacey said...

I know why they live longer in New York! Everything is so expensive that nobody can afford to die, because they owe so much and need to keep working at least another six years to pay off the grocery bill. Right? lol

Loving Annie said...

Good Saturday morning to you, Betty.
Home school ? How do you feel about that ? Sometimes it can be a plus, other times...
Hugs back,
Loving Annie

Betty said...

Dear Kacey,

I think that your guess is as accurate as any other! In all seriousness, I bet you really are on to something- New Yorkers can't afford to retire! Or expire! And maybe they weigh less because food is so pricey that they don't eat much. We'll call it the New York Longevity Diet!


Betty said...

Dear Annie,

I think home schooling can be fantastic if the family is well-suited for it. For a single parent working fulltime, it's probably not a reasonable idea.

I say "probably" because of the vast shortcomings of The Child's large urban school district. In fact, The Child considers school to be the ruination of his childhood and he resents every minute of it. His uniqueness is totally ignored even though he goes to an alternative school which supposedly honors each individual.

The No Child Left Behind Act has ruined such formerly successful alternative schools, because now those schools are forced to "teach to the tests" just like all the other schools do.

Also, the makeup of the student body has radically changed because of the infiltration of troubled students from underachieving schools (brought about by the No Child Left Behind Act). Now bullying and fighting happen daily. Discipline eats up valuable teaching time, and the teaching has been dumbed down. I'm sure many people don't want to hear about this reality.

Thus, home schooling is appealing even for me, a single working mother. I don't know if I'll actually do it, because, not being Super Woman, I don't know if I could handle it. It's a thought. Just a thought.


Lisa said...


I was just in NYC on Saturday, and even my kids got claustrophobic from all the people on the streets banging into us. Bus fumes, dirt, grime, germs...I don't know what they're talking about!! I don't know how anyone lives longer breathing in all that junk! Walking,'s great to walk there when it's not crowded. But there are still a lot of motor vehicles stinking up the streets.

The only good thing is that we do get rain, and I guess that cleans the air (unlike L.A., where the smog is so visible, you can cut it with a knife)!

GarnetDavid said...

How cool that a city living can lengthen life span.

Anonymous said...