Thursday, April 05, 2012

Please advise

My realtor just called to say he wants to hold an open house on Sunday (yes, Easter Sunday) at my house.  And he has reconsidered my question about whether the price should be lowered.  He agreed. 

You see, I've been trying to sell this house for a long time.  Even now, after the renovations, it is not selling.

Here's my question.  Is this shower curtain OK?

It's spring-like and cheery.  It's brand new.  But I am starting to lose confidence in my ability to figure out what people like and dislike. 

Thanks for any opinions offered.



Cinderella said...

Dear Betty,
A spotlessly clean bathroom is what matters. That and the right price.

Tidy home. Tidy garden. Well kept. THOSE are the things that matter.

Well, that and the old trick of baking cookies in the oven during an open house:)

I think your shower curtain is fine.

If someone tells you that THAT is what is stopping your home from selling, they are lying.

Price is everything. What an owner needs to get or wants to get may be quite at odds with what a buyer finds an outstanding value.
Spring is a great time to have your home on the market.

Why didn't your agent tell you a realistic price from the get-go?

I always say "If I wanted to sell my home in 30 days no matter what - what should the price be?" and THAT is where it's going to sell.
The rest is just dangling hope and disappointing tactics.

I'm sorry things aren't working out quite yet. Maybe take it off the market for 60 days so you get a different MLS listing number, and GET ANOTHER (different) agent who sells more upscale homes and can bring you a better buyer.


Anonymous said...

I would say you could get $200 thousand for your house - no more. So if you're not willing to sell for that price, just be happy living there. Certain parts of it are just too small, there's no real front lawn, windows and certain other features are too outdated and you would probably need an older couple who would be interested.
-From someone who knows.

Cinderella said...

Dear Betty,
Hmmm. Have checked back several times. No comment from you - are you okay -- or just really depressed, which isn't okay?

I figure your statcounter shows you who anonymous is - it's got to be either your agent or a neighbor or someone who knows about your blog that's been to your house. Not necessarily the nicest news, but maybe very truthful.

How big is the gap between the number they said -- and the amount you hoped to receive for it?


B.S. said...

Dear Cinderella,

The reason my house is a bit tricky to sell is because it needs a specific buyer - one who is able to appreciate the fact that it is situated in an incredibly beautiful location overlooking a park. The typical home buyer who is looking at typical house statistics will not be overly impressed with this house, because it is small. There has been a tremendous amount of interest, though, and lots of showings.

I decided against that shower curtain, though. I still believe in staging, and its ability to affect the buyer's decision.

I have no idea who "anonymous" is, or how he/she obtained his/her opinion. But it's off the mark, seeing as how I have already received an offer tens of thousands higher than his/her opined value!


Cinderella said...

Dear Betty,
Hopefully a second offer is coming soon and justifies your agent's reasoning in advising you to pass on the first offer, someone who absolutely loves and appreciates its park setting:)

Fingers crossed for you!