Thursday, August 11, 2011

Design disaster

OK, it's not exactly a complete and total disaster, but this is the master bedroom of my house which has been on the market since the end of March with no offers.  The house was built in 1962, which happens to be my least favorite era for architecture and interior design.  I bought the house because of its prime location on a beautiful and popular park.  I thought it would be the ideal place to raise a child.  Perhaps it was in some ways at some times, but now The Child and I are over it and ready to take on a more urban lifestyle in, hopefully, a Victorian house (my favorite style).

There is a cute alcove which I used to call the "library".  Now that The Child uses this room, it has become more of an office, featuring his elaborate computer and two large monitors.
The bed is covered in 3 of these photos with a red flower print with a light blue background.  I think maybe it looks better than the white coverlet in the first 2 photos.  What do you think?  And what do you think of the multi-colored (yet discreet) curtains I made out of shower curtains? 
And here, to the right, you can see the alcove with the patterned bed covering.

Down below, you'll see the hideous photo which appears online with the listing for my house.  It's a photo my realtor took 5 years ago when my house was on the market.  (It didn't sell, and I couldn't tolerate the constant showings, so after 6 months we took it off the market.  It actually was in contract but the buyers backed out.)  The reason I'm including the photo below is so that you can see the basic features of the room.  How would YOU go about decorating this rather odd master suite?  (The wall color is pretty appealing, and the paint is in good condition.)


Cinderella said...

I'd change the paint, Betty.

Yes, it IS a pretty color.

But I am thinking with a potential buyer's eye -- and what appeals to me would be a seamless color flow through the house.

Not only is it more updated to have all the walls in the same color family, but then I can envision putting MY things in there easier.

Does that make sense? I hope it doesn't offend you.

I would find the paint color that you used in your living room, and cut the color in half, so it is a paler yellow. (tell the paint store you want it cut by 50%)

Plus, that creamy color will go well with all of the woodwork (the door, the window frame, the ceiling fan blades, the dresser, the bookshelves).

Then I would replace all of the curtains with white mini-blinds inside the windows.

I'd buy a bright butter yellow coverlet with white flowers on it, or vice versa.
And see if I could get a sheet of the same material, and cover the pillow on the chair with it.

I'd put some fresh flowers from the park in a vase on the dresser.

That's just me though, and my taste, so I don't know if that is something you would want to do.

B.S. said...

I like your ideas, Cinderella. I agree about the pale yellow being a great choice for the walls. I should have also posted photos of the en suite bathroom, to be sure that the yellow walls would go with it. I think it would work.

Now my problem is seeing if I can get The Child on board with this. He is in an uncooperative phase, and something tells me he's not going to approve of yellow. But I'll bring it up today.

I can definitely envision that room in pale yellow. It needs to be lightened and brightened, since it's naturally dark.

Thank you for your spot on suggestions!


Big Dave T said...

It has a summer home quality to it. I like that you can see greenery almost out of every window. Can't really give advice on re-decorating because I'm not really good at that. Rarely do I agree with my wife on what or how to update our own house. I kinda like your house the way it is.

B.S. said...

Thanks, Big Dave. There really is a great view out of every window. There was one potential buyer who must have agreed with you, because he seriously considered making an offer. He used to park outside of the house and just sit there in his car, gazing at my house, trying to figure out whether to make an offer. Anyway, he has apparently decided against it.


Cinderella said...

The great view out of every window is a huge plus!

Sending good thoughts that The Child will be on board when he understands why you are wanting to make the change:)

You ARE going to have the new home you want. You are doing everything to effectively get there!

Happy Friday to you, B.

B.S. said...

The views out of the windows have always been really important to me, and I've been lucky to live in houses which were blessed with views. And just this morning I was reading about the importance of action in our lives. Your earlier advice for me to make this the house of my dreams has guided me over the past weeks. I have made many small changes. For example, yesterday I completely changed the landscaping in front of the house around the patio. It involved a lot of physical labor (action!) but cost nothing so far (but I'm going to buy plants!). I'm still working on The Child. He is resistant. I believe that pale yellow is the only color which truly would improve that room.


Cinderella said...

I am so proud of you, Betty.
I sense the power around you and the light.

All those small changes, and the landscaping yesterday all bring a higher vibration with it.

I know this may sound like woo-woo, and yet your house and garden is being cared for in a way that opens it up to someone feeling welcome when they come in (a new buyer) and for you to be free to move onward and forward (the new house that is right for you).

The Child is part of this cooperation.
Ask him if something is preventing him from wanting you you two to move.
And then address his feelings and/or concerns with love:)

Then let go of whatever memory or emotion that was that was holding him to the house; release it and clear it so it is positively tranformed - even maybe lighting a white candle and leaving it burning overnight in a safe place.

That too will shift any energy that might have been stuck.



Cinderella said...

Came by to say hello this Tuesday morning and see what was new, Betty.

Happy upcoming birthday to you:)

B.S. said...

Hello Cinderella! I am preparing for a big event which is happening tomorrow. I'll be so glad when it's over and I can get back to my normal life.....