Sunday, May 29, 2011

!0 a day = 150 so far!

The dog enjoys resting atop a pile of give-aways.
Yes, indeed, I have stuck with my commitment to get rid of 10 items a day ever since I read about the idea 15 days ago.  Since I performed a major purge a year ago, I am not sure that I can continue to get rid of 10 things a day indefinitely.  But I do know that I now have 150 fewer items to move when moving day arrives.  ( I have not had any offers on my house yet, but eventually it will happen, I would think, and then we'll move, theoretically......)

Today I took The Child to an Asian Festival in 88 degree heat with very little shade to be found anywhere.  We had to park a mile from the festival site.  I should have anticipated the problem that might cause, since The Child has always had a low tolerance for heat.

He's at an unpredictable age (7th grade going into 8th grade).  Since he wants little to do with me these days, I thought I was hearing things when he said yes to my questioning about going to the Asian Festival.  So we went, despite the heat and the inevitably huge crowd. 

The Child wanted a parasol.  Since they were being sold for $6, I saw no harm in that, and I thought it might actually shield him from the hot sun.  

I was eager to check out the many food vendors, each of which offered exotic, tantalizing dishes.  But no.  The Child wanted a Powerade drink, a glance at the Chinese dancers, and  a quick trot through the market place to find that parasol.  And that was that. 

On our way back to the car, with the temperature rising steadily, I had the audacity to stop and take a quick photo of a stunning house we walked past:

Anyone who knows me (or reads my blog) knows that I have a thing for houses, especially old ones.  So I didn't think I was committing a crime when I shot this photo.  But The unpredictable Child found my action to be utterly intolerable.  He raged the rest of the way to the car, much like a two-year-old throwing a tantrum, promising that he would NEVER go anywhere with me EVER again - not even to the Irish Festival. 

He hasn't spoken to me since.


Lynilu said...


Especially boy children.

moni said...

I don't get ot either, did he say what his objection was? Must be a generation thing.

B.S. said...

I wonder if the heat made him irrational. It was very strange.

Anonymous said...

I love the house too! Thanks for posting the photo. The porch is lovely.

P.S. - Who knows what goes through kids' minds? Maybe they don't want attention drawn to themselves but in that case, don't go out in public then. ;)