Saturday, December 26, 2009

Preparing for the new year using Twitter

The following is a "tweet" posted this morning:

For 2010: Have a talk with your Higher Self; what 1 thing do you know in your heart you should give up, and what 1 thing should you do?

Do you use Twitter?  I have a mild interest (or curiosity) regarding social media.  Pasted above is am intriguing tweet I just received from internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson

I instantly knew what the one thing I should give up is.  My eating habits have been appalling.  I really don't wish to try to get away with it any longer.  I could go on and on about the issue of getting away with it, about how I am and how I'm not, but that's irrelevant.  What is relevant is that I'm not OK with my eating habits.  I want to change.  I've indulged long enough.

The answer to the other question, the one about what I should do, was also on the tip of my tongue.  The Child is now in Middle School.  He won't be with me much longer.  People have warned me since he was born that he'd grow up fast.  

In truth, the days are long but the years fly by.  

In my talk with my Higher Self,  I will have to admit that I've spoiled The Child pretty seriously.  It was not what I planned; I planned to be The Perfect Parent.  I read all of the parenting books which were in line with my philosophy.  I took parenting classes before he was even born.  I hired, at great expense, the best babysitters available in the area.  Daycare was unacceptable; The Child had to have one-on-one interaction with creative and intelligent sitters.

I have been engrossed in my job throughout his life.  I felt guilty about focusing so much on work.  When The Child was 2, I asked The Child's father to move out of my house.  I did not feel guilty about that, but I felt competitive.  Durings visits, the father plied the child with hitherto denied candy and toys.  I had to compete.  I broke my parenting rules; I became indulgent.  It was also at this time that I started hiring sitters because the father was no longer babysitting.  The guilt over hiring others to be with The Child coupled with the competition with Disney Dad caused me to become The Over-Indulging Parent.

I had abandoned my own Parenting Plan. 

The Child will be with me for a few more years.  The days will be long, but the years will fly by.  During those long days, I owe it to the Child to be mindful of my words and actions.  I am molding a human being.  I can do it consciously and responsibly, or I can instead respond to the guilt and competition. 

How about you?  Do you know what your answers would be?


Lynilu said...

Oooouuuu, that's hard. I'm going to have to think about it and get back to you.

B.S. said...

Dear Lynilu,

I'd say that it's a good sign that your answers are not obvious!!!!!!!

I can't wait to hear your answers when they do come.


Big Dave T said...

Same as you. Have to change my eating habits. I was doing quite well until a couple years ago when I had to change medications. So I guess I can blame drugs, but that wouldn't be right.

Have a happy 2010.

P.S. Don't do Twitter. I'm on Facebook but not too crazy about that one either.

B.S. said...

Dear Big Dave,

I'm glad I'm not alone in my eating habits. My excuse is that I have the junk food around for The Child, as if it's OK for him to eat it!

I'm not looking forward to having to get my act together as of tomorrow.....


Anonymous said...

Wishing you much joy and peace through 2010, my friend.