Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter scenes

Last night the Easter Bunny, a.k.a. whirlingbetty, prepared the basket and hid it behind the sofa the way her own mother had done many years ago.

Shortly after dawn on this Easter morning, The Child attempts to suppress his enthusiasm, embarrassed by his continuing belief in the Easter Bunny. Children his age are easily embarrassed.

This is the view today looking out of my front door into the park. To most people, today was still quite chilly, but to me, it's been such a nasty winter that I thought the day was great. I even sat outside reading the newspaper and feeding the squirrels and chipmunks. They deserve to celebrate Easter too.

The daffodils are still going strong. This is my favorite variety.

Later, an unconventional Easter meal of pasta was being prepared at a friend's house. Don't you love the house decor?

Happy Easter to all, and to all a good night.


Lynilu said...

Daffodils are my favorite flower. Well, alongside daisies. Those are gorgeous, a different color than I've seen before.

I remember my daughter being at that age, wanting to believe, not really sure it was the "cool" thing to do.

Have a good week, Betty. :)

Monogram Queen said...

I do love the house decor and I am loving the child's basket too! My kind basket I must say!
Glad you had a Happy Easter Betty!

Betty said...

Dear Lynilu,

Yeah, it's hard to be cool and still believe in the Easter Bunny, apparently.

You have a great week too!


Betty said...

Dear Patti,

I'm not surprised that you like the house. You and I seem to be on the same page that way. And regarding Easter baskets!


Anonymous said...

CANDY!!!! I asked the boy if he
was upset that we didn't color
eggs this year...He looked at me
and said...'Um Mom...I'm a little
to old for that don't ya think...'
To a mom their boys are never to

I would love to see out my front
door what you see out yours...