Sunday, October 05, 2008

scenes from an October day

I'm always looking for parallels. There must be a way in which this time of year reflects the phase my life is in. But October as I witness it today does not resemble the concept of October in my mind. That's OK- I don't seem to have a grasp on what phase my life is in anyway.

Until I bought a house on the rose garden, I never thought of October as being a month during which to view roses. October used to conjure up notions of falling leaves, bonfires, skeletons dancing in the cemeteries and witches gathered around their cauldrons. Of course, I did grow up in part of the country where temperatures dipped earlier in autumn.

These roses don't look to me as if they're on their last legs.

Nope, this isn't what I think of as October. I admit, though, that I am enjoying the nippier nighttime temperaures. Some here have actually used their furnaces already. Not I. I'll hold off until I can see my breath.


Loving Annie said...

You have the most gorgeous views... Whatever else ISN'T right, the Universe hasagiven you constant beauty as your companion, Betty.

How goes the job interview ??? Is it this week or was it last ? News, girl - my fingers are so crossed for you !

And how is The Child ? Is he looking forward to Halloween ?

Nancy said...

When I see your "view" in your posts, I can't help but to think that "house" you really wanted .... didn't have the beautiful view that you have here daily.

#3 rose is perfect =)

Laurie said...

Oh how I wish I had a park that
pretty to walk through here....

I would love to be able to stop and
smell the roses...
Here today this October 5th it was
90 degrees! YUCK! and the humidity
is just the worst...We're supposed
to get rain...It's on the radar
just west of here. I'd just like
to be able to open the windows and
turn off the A/C...


ps..You are such a wonderful mom!

Betty said...

Dear Annie,

Yes, the views here are always amazing no matter what else might be going on. And things are looking up job-wise as well. On top of all that, Halloween, one of our favorite holidays, is around the corner.


Betty said...

Dear Nancy,

Sometimes I think about that issue about the view which you also have noticed. I'd miss it even if I did get the hous eof my dreams in the downtown neighborhood. I guess maybe we'll just stay put for a while.


Betty said...

Dear Laurie,

Thanks for saying I'm a wonderful mom. That's a huge compliment!

And your comment makes me more grateful for what I have here.


Lynilu said...

Gosh, those a pretty pictures!. What a beautiful vista you have. There is the best of all right now with the roses still in bloom and the weather cooler, but not cold enough to nip the blooms. A perfect moment. :)

Betty said...

Dear Lynilu,

Yes, you're right. This is the best time. Spring is cool, but the roses aren't yet blooming.

Time for a walk!


Monogram Queen said...

Beautiful and I do love the rose garden. We are still using the a/c but I am freezing because of it! The comforter at night feel oh so good though!

Betty said...

Dear Patti,

Hey, there's another thing to appreciate- the fact that I'm saving money on heating and A/C these days!

The problem with the comforter in cool temps is that it's too hard to get out of bed....


Priyamvada_K said...

Dear Betty,
Seeing your picture #3 almost made me smell the crisp fragrance of not-yet-bloomed roses, and feel the not-prickly-but-fuzzy texture of the rose stems...

I love roses. You photograph them well.


Betty said...

Thank you, Priya! I'm glad that I have a camera which is capable of such shots.

And I loved your description!


Aleta said...

Oh my! Those roses are Beautiful! We get summer and "summer lite" in Louisiana. We don't get harsh winters, so we still have blooms going on during the winter season. In fact, the winter before Katrina, I have a picture ON Christmas Day - it snowed lightly. The picture shows the snow on the blooms...

Mary Ann said...

So glad to see your beautiful roses and your comment above that the job interview process is going well. It's so hard, the talking, the waiting, the thinking...

Hang in there!

Big Dave T said...

Doesn't seem to be much color your way yet. I think there's good color in northern Michigan so it's coming.

I'm with you on when to turn on the furnace. I'll use my electric blanket before I turn the thermostat up.

Anonymous said...