Thursday, July 10, 2008

past few days

My lifelong quest for a decent photo of the male ruby-throated hummingbird continues. Above, he is poised strategically before dipping into the feeder.

And here, the light is suddenly and inexplicably more suitable, a split second later. But his head is now bobbing for ambrosia.

Following my hummingbird photography session, The child and I walked through the park on our way to the community July Fourth breakfast held in the park shelter house. This rose brightened our walk on a dreary day.

Look at all the people converging on our park before breakfast.

Inside, the community breakfast featured pancakes, sausage links, cinnamon buns, orange juice, coffee and patriotic decorations.

The Child appears more tolerant of all this than he actually is- take my word for it. He didn't eat a bite, and was generally disgruntled. Old-fashioned events like this don't impress him much.

A surprise greeted us back home in the driveway.

For size perspective, here's our guest near The Child's feet. But not too close.

Later, from right outside of our house, one of the best fireworks displays in town entertained us before bedtime.

This one looked like a burst of sunshine in the nighttime sky

The next day, our friend Garnet and I drove The Child to computer camp at a faraway university at which the Child will learn to design 3-D computer games. This is the Child's dorm room for the week.

The Child perches on his bed, taking in his new environment, complete with roommate and parents. The camp is expensive, but I consider it an opportunity for the Child to gather information in his ongoing search for his life's calling. Besides, I had already paid for it before I lost my job.


Laurie said...

Hummingbirds are just so cute!
I got a really good picture of one
when we were in Colorado several
years ago.
The rose is perfect!

I rescued a turtle from the middle
of the road. He wasn't to happy
with me.

Hope the child likes computer camp.
The boy had band camp at the TCU
campus about 15 minute drive from
here. He hated it and said next
year he was staying the night.
Go figure-he hated it and is now
making plans for next year. HA!

Have a great weekend!


Betty said...

Dear Laurie,

Yep, it can be challenging to decifer what kids say. I can't wait to hear his assessment of computer camp.

You have a great weekend too!


Nancy said...

Such a perfect rose!
I can even smell it =)

Monogram Queen said...

I salute you in your continued quest of the ruby-throated hummingbird! A noble one!

The breakfast looks like tons of fun to me. What do kids know? LOL

I LOVE turtles and am always excited when we run across one.

Hope the child enjoys his computer camp. Now i'd act about Comp camp as he did about the 4th of J breakfast! LOL

Mary Ann said...

Your photo of the rose is awesome.

Loving Annie said...

Absolutelt lovely double-delight Rose, cool turtle and amazing fireworks !

How is the job situation going, Betty ?

Betty said...

Dear Nancy,

Thank you! I'm fortunate to live amongst so many roses like the one poictured.


Betty said...

Dear Patti,

I've always liked turtles as well. My favorite childhood memory, I think, is of my 7th birthday when I received my pet turtle.


Betty said...

Dear Mary Ann,

Thanks for stopping by! And I'm glad you liked the rose.


Betty said...

Dear Annie,

The job situation is not too great. Some people are hopeful that the organization will be resurrected, but I don't know. There is finally one job opening in my field in the Pacific Northwest. I'll be job seeking there in late September. Thanks for asking!


WaterLearner said...

Hallos Betty!

How are you doing? Dropping by to check how you have been and am delighted to see such nice pictures.

Hope your week is good so far and getting better!

Lynilu said...

I really like the pictures. Does your camera have a "continuous shooting" feature? It helps with things like hummingbirds. :) The fireworks were nice! Isn't it wonderful when you hit just that perfect moment for a shot?

I hope you kick back and sleep in a little while the boy is away. Relax and indulge yourself. :)

Laurie said...

Hey Betty,

Just checking on ya. Making
sure all is well. How's the child
liking camp?

Take care and talk to ya later!


Mary Ann said...

Hey there. You ok? Thinking about you. Checking on ya. :)

Loving Annie said...

Good Friday morning to you, Betty.

From the comments you left me, you sounded just devastated and emotionally exhausted and down.


There is nothing I can say that will fix it - I can't buy you a fabulous house or make a better job appear, much as I would love to do both right this second for you to have joy and safety in.

I can just tell you that I care about you in this cyber-realm, and that you matter to me.

You are an insightful, kind, brave woman doing her best, and your words have touched and supported me when I was struggling or in pain.

I wish to offer you the same feelings in return to hold you as a bridge over these sucky times, until it feels as though you are on solid ground again, with something to believe in.

I am sending positive wishes your way that something shifts SOON and you will have good news.

Genuinely, and more (((hugs)))

Loving Annie

Kacey said...

My oldest daughter and I just went for a short trip to Holmes County, Ohio to ogle the Amish. We stayed at an inn in the middle of the deep woods with masses of wildlife, including many hummingbirds. I just didn't know that there was a special one to look for or I would have had my camera ready!

Lynilu said...

Betty? Where are you? Long time since we've heard from you. Please come back and let us know you're OK.

Laurie said...


I'm really worried now....
Are you alright? Please, let us
know what's going on and if I can
help I will.


Betty said...

Hi everyone- I am OK- still unemployed but OK. I am trying to talk myself back into blogging. I'm not sure why I've found it so difficult. Perhaps it's because I think I'm not the same Betty, but, of course, we all know that I am the same regardless of circumstances. (right?????) OK, maybe I can write a post about that, but not right now- the people I used to work with have important meetings going on. We're trying to ressurect the organization, if possible. I'm off to do that...

Thanks for caring!

Many hugs,

Lynilu said...

Betty, you are the same person. And you are now different, too. Life events change us, who we are, in ways subtle and not so much. It's OK.

I'm guessing that you are much like me in this area. I find it hard to blog (or talk) about the tough stuff until it is over and I have a sense of being able to breathe again. Do what you need for yourself. But occasionally, let us know how you are, OK?

Loving Annie said...

As your life changes, as you change, your blog can change too... It should be your freedom and your joy and your safe space.

We care about you and we're here for you when you feel like returning. Just being you.

When life gets really really really rough - you have friends here, who understand the bad and the good, the pain and the pleasure, and are okay with all of it. It's the same permission we give ourselves, to post about the truths of our lives, and it is far from good all the time.

That's part of being real. You've been real for us. We are real for you back. While still respecting your need for separateness, or to not post at all until your mood changes.

Just checking in on you on August 4th - and wishing you the very best on your interview at the end of September in the Pacific Northwest.

It's soon - and maybe perfect timing for a move...

Kel-Bell said...


You know Garnet?

How cool is that!

Garnet and I only live a few miles away from one another. I heard he had a big garage sale last weekend. I was going to go, but had plans to go see Tecumsa in Chillacothe with the family.

Betty said...

Hey Kel-Bell! Great to see you again!!!!! I attended Garnet's garage sale. I could've met you there!


Anonymous said...