Saturday, December 08, 2007

return of the inevitable

Although snow blankets the rose garden outside of my house, it's not totally convincing, as you can see from the triumphant green of the rose bushes rising above the snow. (Roses are not evergreen!) This year, the roses have faded relunctantly, and they still haven't let go completely.

The dark spots on the land are not signs of unattended dogs- they're leaves which weren't ready to fall when the raking humans thought they should. Snowfall is not usually peppered with leaves, which I interpret as another sign of this garden's reluctance to let go.

The rose garden may not seem ready for dormancy, but the Chihuahua sure is looking a bit drowsy. All that shivering uses up a lot of energy, as does walking on 3 legs to protect the 4th from that nasty cold wet stuff.

The warmer temperature today creates the effect of a spring thaw- last night's snowman has already bit the dust. The garden appears to be getting its way.


Jo said...

I applaud you for writing and for blessing your son with such a wonderful mother! I'm sure you are such a special person.
- Jo

Betty said...

Dear Jo,

Thank you for your very kind words. All people, especially mothers, need encouragement from time to time.


Loving Annie said...

Brrrr - i feel the need for thermals just looking at the pictures !
How are you doing, Betty ? How is the child doing ?
Loving Annie

Betty said...

Dera Annie,

We're OK, and the temperature is soaring again. Today was a T-shirt day- no coat required!


Anonymous said...