Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Charmed Life of Whirling Betty

This is an example of a scene that greets Whirling Betty whenever she gathers the gumption to actually get out of the house and walk a few steps. Betty's house is situated right on one of the world's largest rose gardens. Even now, in November, the roses bloom for Betty's enjoyment if she would just get out there and look.
Photographers descend upon this park daily, and for good reason. Yet Betty often chooses to remain oblivious to the rampant beauty right outside her door. She talks on the phone to co-workers, analyzing and criticising the workplace and its unreasonable demands. Never mind that she always wanted this type of job and was lucky enough to be offered one.

Look at all the fallen leaves. Although they're in Betty's "front yard", she doesn't have to rake them. The full time staff of park workers takes care of them Monday through Friday with heavy-duty machinery. When it snows, they even clear the paths. (A 13-acre rose garden is a lot of work, year-round.)

The rose garden is only the beginning- beyond the roses there is even more acreage of parkland, with sports fields, wildlife meadows, fishing ponds, a playground, woods, a creek, a ravine and miles of bike paths. There are chipmunks, foxes, squirrels, groundhogs, owls, and all kinds of birds. It's a charmed life, all right, but only if Betty chooses to see it.


Priyamvada_K said...

Dear Betty,
What a beautiful view....Sounds like you can take a walk and the surrounding peace would be so energizing.

May these woodlands be preserved.


Loving Annie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Choose to see it, dearest Betty. Focus on how wonderful it is at least twice a day.
Stop and look and breathe and take joy in that you have that right so very close to you.
What a gift. Very few people are lucky enough to have that as their backyard.
I'd never leave. Never.

Loving Annie

Kacey said...

Looks lovely and I know you saw it, because you took the pictures. Now, you just need to open the eyes of your heart and let the beauty soak deeply in. Life is meant to be enjoyed, don't let anyone take away from what you are entitled to --- stop and smell the roses.

Betty said...

Dear Priya,

Yes, you're right- the peacefulness can be very energizing. It's up to me to take advantage of these surroundings! And being city park land, I think it will be preserved forever.


Betty said...

Dear Annie,

Wow. Your comment makes me realize what a gem I have here! Thank you for the wonderful reality check.


Betty said...

Dear Kacey,

Stop and smell the roses! Yes, that's the ticket. My favorite college professor used to say that too- he said that stopping to smell the roses that pulled him out of a serious depression once!


simply me said...

Well it certainly sounds like you are aware that maybe you are sleep walking in your world and that's a start. It takes awareness to just recognize that we are possibly missing something.
There is a public garden near my job thats only about 10-15 acres and as you enter there is a small private home right in its property and every time I go, I wonder if they realized how lucky they are for it seems that there is never anyone outside enjoying the view.
What a beautiful setting to live surrounded by. My heart would delight in utter joy to have such a sight to awaken to. May your awareness lead you to days of complete joy.

Desiree said...

Oh wow Betty its like a little patch of heaven! Thanks so much for sharing those shots with all of us!

Betty said...

Dera Simply Me,

Yes, I've been too busy lately to be aware, and that's a shame. But joy is the goal, so awareness is necessary!


Betty said...

Dear Desiree,

Yep, it's heaven on earth. Thank you for appreciating the photos!


Dust-bunny said...

Hi Betty,

I had posted something similar last year about the twin lakes that are a block away from my house, and the beautiful preserve surrounding them. I drive over a bridge every day on the way to and from work that runs in between the two lakes, and there's always some kind of beauty to be seen, whether it's the vibrant, changing leaves or two swans gliding together on the smooth water. I appreciate it for the one second that I drive, but I rarely take a half hour to walk through the preserve. It's really sad, and I know exactly how you feel.

Betty said...

Dear Dust-bunny,

I remember the post where you mentioned the preserve near your house. It sounds lovely, and very appealing because it's natural rather than manicured like the park I live on.

Let's hope both of us come to our senses!


GarnetDavid said...

I love the photos and gentle self-exploration.

Anonymous said...