Saturday, September 02, 2006


A mere few days ago, I was still undecided, changing my mind from one moment to the next. Should I stay in my suburban neighborhood on the park or move to the trendy urban neighborhood which seems to resonate in my bones?

During the month of August I almost put my house on the market several times, only to back out at the last minute, immobilized by the fear of making a mistake. I dreaded the constant pressure of keeping my house in showing condition until it sold. Housekeeping is absurdly challenging for me, especially with a child and a new Chihuahua following me around, eager to undo my handiwork.

Suddenly I seemed to experience a moment of clarity. It followed a conversation with an ex-boyfriend. He finds himself mysteriously entangled with the most unlikely women, then attempts to analyze, plan and predict. I told him to relax, accept that he had some kind of cosmic business with his latest woman (as he had with the others before her), and just go with the flow.

It occurred to me to apply that principle to my own situation. I was inexplicably drawn to the urban neighborhood just as he was drawn to each of these women. Why shouldn't I just relax, accept my urge to move, and go with the flow? Each time I had resisted, I had felt unrest afterwards. This time, then, I'd go for it.

Last Sunday, the day my house went on the market, my realtor held an open house at my residence. As luck would have it, that day the local newspaper featured a front page story on a castle-like home being built around the corner from my house. That newspaper article brought a tremendous number of curious folks into my neighborhood, many of whom stopped in at my open house.

After the open house I was in the kitchen preparing food for the child when I saw a woman in my driveway. I beckoned her inside, and she said she had been at the open house and wanted to buy my house. I told her that another party from the open house was very interested and had already set up a private showing for 7 pm.

The woman showed up again at 7:15, during the scheduled showing to the other party, with an offer which she handed to my realtor. She was offering more than the asking price, just hours after the house had been listed. I accepted, and my house in officially in contract.

To make a long story short, I am also already in contract on the urban house I wanted. When I stop and think that a week ago, I still wasn't sure what to do, I can't believe the lightening speed with which all of this has occurred, and in this buyer's market, no less. Although a few details remain to be ironed out, I can't help but wonder if, just maybe, this was meant to be.


Sideways Chica said...

But of course chica..,it is meant to be. I see that you picked up the doorstop and have opened one door and are closing another. This is what I believe life is all about. And if we find one door doesn't work out as we planned, then we close it and move on to another...or, if it does work out then we stay put for awhile.

I am so very happy for you. Congratulations on the decision, the new home, and for doing it your way and on your schedule.

Ciao bella...hugs all around. I am eager to hear about the new home and the new doggie.

P.S. Thanks for posting when you did. I needed that.

Betty said...

Dear Teri,
Thank you for your enthusiastic support throughout this process. Isn't it interesting how my time schedule, which grayed my realtor's hair ("It's getting to be too late in the selling season!!!") turned out to be magically perfect? This same realtor says that it's unheard of for a house to sell on day one in this market. (I'm going to have to teach this guy to whirl.... too bad he's unavailable....)

Thank you again for your encouragement, chica.


Priyamvada_K said...

Dear Betty,
Glad to hear about the new developments. Maybe there's a cosmic spin to this, and your decision was delayed until the right buyer for your home came along.

So glad the selling was quick - what a relief!

And, glad to hear about the new chihuahua. Here's wishing it all works out and you'll enjoy your new home.


Betty said...

Thank you, Priya. I'm still kind of in shock from all the recent developments! My head is spinning, even more than usual. Hopefully I can count on the child and the chihuahua for some grounding.


Anonymous said...